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"Mister Cee's Big L Tribute Mix" song overview :
Big L was one of the best rappers, ever. Today marks the 13 years since he was killed.In commemoration, Mister Cee dropped his tribute mix today on Hot 97′s Throwback At Noon.
Mister Cee's Big L Tribute Mix lyrics

Big L - Mister Cee's Big L Tribute Mix Lyrics

You know the game plane, c town, that's my made man
We never bring luggage, we go shopping when the plane lands
Still roll with the same clan, used to be a ...
Everything I rock is name brand, ... will make your ... swallow
Your ice don't shine and your chain's hollow
Why you fronting clubs for hours with the same bottles
Taking midgets sips... I roll with the richest clicks
Tap the thickest chicks plus...
You know nothing about L so don't doubt L
What's this motherfucking rap game without L
Yo that's like juice without ice, that's like China without rice
Or the holy bible without Christ, or the bulls without Michael
Crack heads without pipes, the village...
And hockey games without fights
Don't touch the mic if you ain't able to spit
...is the label I spit nigga
Big L, Corleone, C town, big brother, big lee, holding it down
...boy baby, for life

the back I'm bout to begin, the back I'm bout to begin
the back I'm bout to begin, the back I'm bout to begin
I drive up and down Harlem blocks, ice style watch
Knocks in my socks, cops think I'm selling rocks
Pulling me over to see if I'm drunk
But I'm sober...
Listen Colombo, you mad because your money come slow
And what you make in a year, I make in a show
Now you wanna ... and ... my ride,
Call me all kind of names, trying to hurt my pride
You just mad cause I'm a young cat... talking bout where the gun at
I'm through with that illegal life, I'm staying legit
I love to see cars come cruising by playing my shit
I walk around with ...style, without a pistyle, my click's wild

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