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Common - Cosmic Kev Pt 1 Lyrics

Big Cosmic strictly skills Kev
What he do, what he do, what he do, Common in the building!
Yeah, yeah
What up Philly?
Looks good, man!
Yeah, we gonna get it going on!
I need some bars, I need some bars,
We gotta go in!
I need so bars, let's do it!
Let's go!
He needs some bars, give him bars!
Give him bars, yo
Give him bars sweeter than a candy
..it's a Philly type of thing...
You Cosmic, feel the rhythm like a slave
And they did the chains and whips, you should understand
I've been on trips, all type ...
Shut out, homie we're in the building
For my Philly children, I'mma be willing
To keep on going, look at poetry emotion...
Yeah, boy... coming with a style
For you I get wild...
Some call me ...
Come on, it keeps going, just like the ... when I count the flow
That's JD in the background
I'll attack...when I get him
MC get the smack now, you may go against me
Yow, let's go, check it out,this ...
I'm ready to attack me any time
Got me any rhymes, been through many miles
This is a type of...
But those of you who knew about that
They'll be on...
Talking about common sense...
...I told you, never...
When I come to this, I got my own course where I go...
South Philly, sort of like my man from the..
You know, it's all type of groups that come for me here
I'm the one that cleared ...
Shut out to North when I rather...
Check it out I go off like the...
That was back in the days, when I was going through...
..just like the brother Will Smith,
you know I'm on a field trip down Philly
Talking about my people in... and every place ...
South West you know I swear I got the stage
But I stop being... make no mistake
I get on breaks and never been fake ..
Somebody give me a..
I like when the booty shake, I'm worthy to go down to Jersey,
I'm coming early, shout out to Jersey, got my own Jersey...
What up D ..?
D.. you should understand, I've been there, common sense,...
On time, never had a...
I think you're big, like notorious...
Things I come with, ... like the hundreds
Shut out to.. still I feel hot when I come into the place
Yeah, shut out to .. you wanna come down to Philly, yeah!

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