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DONDRIA - Headlines (They Know) Lyrics

Headlines (They Know)

Y'all ready?
(Dondria chuckles..)
Let's go!

(JD chuckles..)
Go get 'em

I say my haters give me confidence
Not knowing the consequence
Build me up and watch me blow
I pick it up (I drop it low)

YouTube was my stepping stone
And now I'm headed to my thrown
Don't even think you stopping me
The good book said He promised me

And now I'm on my way
Yes, I'm here to stay
I just wanna take the time to thank
who all believe in me
I'm about to take this R&B back where we used to be
You can try forever
But you'll never ge-get rid of me..


Got all these people doing covers
Yea I got it like that
Yall are saying how she skinny
With a body like that
Slaying me up on these songs
Ye-yea I highly doubt that
You gon' hype me up
and make catch a body like that

Ohhhh don't do it
Please don't do it

'Cause they don't know no better
They already going through it now
That'll be yo favorite
Drop the beat and ima slay it
Put my CD in and play it
I ain't even gotta say it
They know!

They knooww, they knooww, they knooww (3x)
They know

SoSoDef is on the grind
Don't act too surprised
I even gave them a chance to decide
Now it's something they know

They knooww, they knooww, they knooww
They know

They knooowww they knooww (repeat until the end)


Thanks to Team Dondria

Thanks to KijedahMaleigh for correcting these lyrics

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2012-09-11 05:52:08 by anonymous
Finally, I found the lyrics of this version! Thank you so much!.. :)