Ricco Maze - I Want That Lyrics

(Ft. JaeTere)

yeah that this si for my name
like niggas ain't know
Two seas bitch
you might go with somebody then you slap somebody

hey girl
they call me mister M shawtyb
.. is my hobby
I'm looking for a model
what a bangin bottle body
and if .. her'es my number mammy call me
you can come over
i think it's kind of nice
if we get naughty
yes you're f*ckign with the best
have you ..with your .. i'm feeling in your chest
yes very ..international aim
we wait: Voulez vous coucher avec moi?
i dont' record it but baby you know what i mean
let em be your guy
and ..through the sheets
i hear your body callig and i swearis callign me
so yes i must reply i do sincerely
afraid that you're bout to come
and shit you see no fearin me
for sure 'cause you already know
my tank is never .. and guess you'll be my .. on reloaded
and she grab my sex pistol before i had to go
liste you're so cold, you're so cold

girl wnt your body, girl i want yuor frame
girl i think i'm .. so gone let em nigga know knwo
before we speed it up, let's go
slow slow, before i beat it up
i want your passion girl i want your touch
girl i want you lovign me, can't get enough
so let a nigga know know
dont' push ti baby before we speed it up
let's go slow slow before i beat it up

came in here we're rico
fresh to the .. and VIP we so grow
feelin good for that so call
she came in here with a girlfriend
polished up look a flies hell
when that ..hell i'ma look both back to the crib
both time tell
we've been drinking all night
is getting late is two am
resure shawty i'm feelign myself but i'm in lvoe with your bdy
you got me feelign naughty
she's a hotty got me intrigged
and she's feelin nasty you can come back with my team
if you down to blow blow blow
let a nigga know know know
before i beat it up

down this girl is bad
and the swag is even colder
do we clutch under her shoulder
and i ask up like a ..
the club is almost over
adn we no longer sober
so i would ..in the ear
is what i told her



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