Darren Hayes - Roses Lyrics

What if I told you that your time was up that as every second passes, there
is a moment gone in 23 hours, the sun is gonna set forever.
Would you huge a little tighter would you let go first?, would you focus on
love and then forget the hurt?. Living the moment I wish your life away.
How will you spend your last night on earth?. Will you kiss your enemies
say sorry first. Will you take enough time to say your last goodbyes?
All the little battles that you never won, all the music in the opera that
you never sang, emotions that were silenced all these years.
You can't smell the roses when you'are gone, you can't smell the roses. No
It's not a rehearsal
You only get one life so make it right.
You can't smell the roses when you're gone so live every moment like it's
the last night on earth, cuz this is the last night on earth
What if I told you that I have regrets, I would trade in all my happiness
for one last kiss, for a minute or two lying by your side...
What if I chose over nobody more if I uttered all my promises with empy
talk. If I knew back then the things that I know now...
I would tell you that I love you that we all get low, there are peaks and
there valleys you've got to know, a second chance it rarely comes around...
If I could have my time again I would make sure you knew just how I felt
somewhere I wait for much too long and the season changes without me...
Cause this is the last night for love.

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