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BOYZ II MEN - Benefit Of A Fool Lyrics

Tell me what, what about this woman makes me wanna do right
Wanna switch it up and stay with her the whole night
I don’t know what it is but it feels so right
Lord knows I tried, lord knows I tried to convince myself that I wasn't gon' lie.
But there wasn't no way i was gon' let this sweet love pass me by
Now I know what it is, it was just my pride

When has love, (when has love)
Benefitted of a fool, (benefitted of a fool)
I got nothing to lose, (nothing to lose)
But everything to prove.....to you
Now i know, (now i know)
I know what I gotta do, (I know what i gotta do)
Just stop lying to you, just stop lying to you
And just tell you the truth
‘cause when his love benefitted of a fool.

Girl you're so fly..yeah you know you shouldn’t be an angel (you know you shouldn’t be an angel)
With those diamond eyes, girl you look good from every angle (you look good for every angle)
Now i see, (now i see)
girl all this time you’ve just been waiting on me
And I know I don’t deserve all that I receive, from your love but you never leave
No no no


The good book says that pride, comes before distruction.
And I'd be destroyed, if I ever lose your lovin'.
Girl I don' changed, no, you don' changed me.
Gave you the blame, your love has saved me...yeah, oh


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