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"Don't Let It Break Your Heart" song overview :
“Don`t Let It Break Your Heart” is included on the upcoming fifth studio album “Mylo Xyloto” by the English alternative rock band Coldplay, that is scheduled for release on 24 October 2011.

The song heads to a different emotional direction, mixing quite violently meaning words with vast and invigorating sounds.

Don't Let It Break Your Heart lyrics

COLDPLAY - Don't Let It Break Your Heart Lyrics

If I lost a map
If i lost it all
I fell into the trap
Then she goes

When you're tired of racing and you
find you never left the start
Come on baby, donÂ’t let it break your heart

Those heavenly regrets
Still on me though
Trying to catch a cannonball
And so burning tired
through my maze is flowing
From a shipwreck i heard a call
And she said

When you're tired of aiming your arrows,
Still you'll never hit the mark
And even if your aims are shadows
Still we never gonna part

Come on baby don't let it brake your heart
Don't let it break your heart
Don't let it break your heart

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