Canibus - Alpha Father Lyrics

Meditate the base Calibri before I create complete ...
..scratch to the old... frequency gay,
First contact is frequently late
Elemental P is for...
Remains to be seen... like Charlie, I mean Charlie Sheen
Shawty, shut the fuck up before I shoot you in the spleen
Speed and ... six passengers SUV
DonÂ’t stay on road sixty-six, sixty seven, Corvette, seven B
The center of gravity is closer than me
To the ground to the center P
Pick up the center, proceed to the ..
On a perfect poetry.
The Father of creation, unique to the matrix
Metaphors are metallic millennium imagination...
The Magnum Opus of the master mason
Meditating... emotion, magnifying patience...
..mistakes are...
And there are many more mistakes to make
Matter of fact from now on, all .. was mentioned
My lyrical... started with the...
Mother fuckers... put their place..
DJ nice of the place with a new..
How long do we have to wait for the art DJ interface
to wait intensify the inner scape of infinite space
..the blue tape is in a blue case with a..
And this is proof...

Thanks to madailui

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