Cross Canadian Ragweed - On a Cloud Lyrics

I was a wise man, I lived my life,
As if tomorrow wasn't there.
I loved my people; I walked the line.
An' now I'm flyin' through the air.

On a cloud, on a cloud.
On a cloud, lookin' down.

Tell my brothers that I love 'em.
Tell my sisters that I'm free.
An' tell my children, oh how I miss 'em,
But Heaven's waitin' there for me.

On a cloud, on a cloud.
On a cloud, lookin' down.

Instrumental Break.

And I'm flying like a bird.
It's everything that you heard.
Keep your eyes up in the sky:
You might see me sailing by.

Farewell fine people, we'll meet again.
In a better time and place
A look toward the Heaven when I cross your mind.
You just might see my face.
On a cloud,
On a cloud.
On a cloud,
Lookin' down.

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2012-03-05 09:24:15 by crazy_cube
this is a beautiful song,thank you Cody Canada for writing this and giving it to us...