Craig Morgan - Blame Me Lyrics

shes pony-tailed and shes halter topped her bumper sticker says "i hate hip hop"
with a southern drawl, she says howdy y'all
and her hands ain't afraid of dirt

he's proud of his old truck
he spray painted over dents and rust
the motor smokes, it's got four bald tires, but the radio works

so blame me for the way they are
their love of the fiddle and the steel guitar
blame me for their cowboy hats, roper boots, wrangler jeans, and rifle racks

they were kids when hag and me came to town
all eyes and ears, look at 'em now
center stage on the grand ole opry on a saturday night
sing about fishin' and the lord above
fallin' in and out of love
from aunt bea to uncle sam and that american pie
from big cities to little towns
were hard core country inside and out

repeat chorus twice

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