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Craig David - Eenie Meenie Lyrics Lyrics

Craig David – Eenie Meenie
Another one
Craig David
YÂ’all ready for this

On my way from the studio
Driving on my way home
Happy causeÂ’ IÂ’m gonna see my girl tonight
Somethin' messing with my radio
Got taÂ’ be my cellphone ringinÂ’

I picked it up it was my girlfriend
But you wouldnÂ’t talk to me ohh(Hello hello?)
I heard some bi*chin in the background
Saying that my girl was too good for me Yeah

And I was like what
Why you chattinÂ’ my name (Ooohhh)
Say it again
NothinÂ’ to hide got nothing to gain
People wannaÂ’ front just because of my fame
You better stop
Before I lose control
Had enough of your friends and I'm letting you know
I'm Craig David and I'm running the show
And if you're talking a lot of bull baby you got taÂ’ go so

Eenie meenie minie mo
GonnaÂ’ miss you that I know
Girl it's been wonderful
But I gotta let you go

Eenie meenie minie mo
Getting kind of critical
Don't wanna hurt you though
But I gotta let you go

So tell me why you wannaÂ’ do me like that
Used to give you things now you throwin' them back
Access to the Visa the keys to the flat
Widescreen TV DVDs and that
All of a sudden you be trippin' when I answer the phone
Talkin' all about me in an angry tone
Talkin' all about how I be doing you wrong
You're crazy

Whatever happened to the good girl
The one that was into me yeah
I wanna tell it to your face girl
That one of us has to leave


You know what
Well I'm just an ordinary guy
Dealing with rumours and lies
But your friends keep on filling your head With this nonsense
And I can't take no more

Craig David
She only after that wage payslip
That's why she got you pullin' strange faces
DrickinÂ’ 'Hennessy 'til your brain's wasted
She don't wannaÂ’ be the girl that Craig stays with
She just wanna be there while Craig stays rich
She wouldn't be with him if he was paid basic
She wouldn't be there if he wasn't made famous

She had a gold digger degree
She must have studied for that
Wanted me to get her a mansion
With a truck in the back
Flood her with ice
'til a ni**er like
Honey relax
Messiah Bolical ainÂ’t even
Got no the money for that

All of a sudden you be trippin' on my cellular phone
Talkin' about all of the women that be takin' me home
Talkin' about all of the women I supposedly boned
She crazy

You know what it is you give them an inch and they be takin' the piss
You fed up of it get rid of the witch don't be takin her 'sh*t'
She wasn't sayinÂ’ this when he was lickinÂ’ her lower lip
Makin' her throw a fit,put your fingers all over it
Trippin' all over you whenever you rock the show
Tryin to get money ‘cause she know you got the dough
And the next time she trippin' fellaÂ’ you drop the phone
If your talkin' a lot of bull baby you got to go so

Another one
Craig David
Somethin' for the club
I gottaÂ’ let you go
Know what I mean
I gottaÂ’ let you go
We out

All of the massiv'
Listen Sharon
To our little girl Em
And to all the beautiful sexy ladies
Listen this one

Craig David
Sir ignorants
Catch a fire
To all the man who stayed up with us
Say bo
Check it out, uh

You could have been my troubleless type of wife
Could have been the love of my life
But you didn't take heed
Didn't proceed to believe
What the honeys all say
That's the difference 'tween me and you
You better go over to the boiler crew
‘Cause slackness is all you do
Me and Craig caught you in the venue
Couldn't really believe that that was you
You and the rest of your crew
Tryin' to get with a boy led the crew
Bubblin' around with the champagne crew
While expecting me to take you back in 2
Baby girl I'm not into that
And that's true
So I'm walkin' away from you
Didn't know
Where I'll go
Who I know
Where you go
Big it up

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