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LIL WAYNE - Grove St. Party Ft. Lil B Lyrics

I got a whole lot of money, pop that pussy for me,
My homie got the.. he ain’t banging in a…
Hey, gangsta party, gangsta party, gangsta party!
Stone on my waist, cook your ass up,…
Our black.. do your own foreplay,
I’m going at your face like all you’re off ole!
No champagne, would you know my flag Rose?
Swag on steroids,…Jose,
No living records, we’re so…
I’m higher than a bitch, feel like I climb the fucking mountain,
…my accountant is still counting
Shots hit him a minute ago, but he’s body still bouncing!
Lean on a hammer, beam on your forehead,
Gotta kill the witnesses cause…
.. monster, eager street creature,
Come to your funeral, kill everybody with the preacher.
I live in Miami, nigger, I’m South Beacher
..that’s how we’re bowling!
You know that I’m loaded, but please don’t think it’s sweater,
Beta one of your bitches nigger up like John…
..we get it popping, we’re saving all these…., yeah!
Hey, gangsta party, gangsta party, gangsta party!
Big here doesn’t even call a…
I .. their money, stoner told me that!
…took me under, Patron brought me back,
I’m leaning on you mother fucker like…
And the clocks… like a…
Put the liquor in, I’m in the big league,
I’m breath the fresh air, let the bitch breath!
I tried to chill out, but I had to do it there,
I’m at the funeral like I had to do it real,
Mac, you’re my big brother, I split a weed for you,
Put that on repeat until they berry me!
Moment of parody, yeah that’s my diamond game,
I keep a fine bitch, cause I like the finer things!
Fuck with me slum, no brain on the whip,
I got nothing in mind!
… fuck it with mine,
I drop that sorry for the way to make up for the time!

Yeah, I do my thang bitch, what’s up?
These guys came here with the…
..I’m rich on the same shit!
55 whole on my…
Straight West Side… bitch I grave ‘em!
Pretty boys.. these guys from the…
All like a cradle and you nigger can’t stop me!
..seem cocky, bitch is still South Side to …
..these guys with that 55…
…. I put it to 11, bitch…
Man, I’m on that.. and I fuck with…
Don’t understand man, the game like a…
..bring the thing…
I’m a wolf pack, hit her man!
My life is a pain and I pay to a…
I think about it, I pay…
It’s the… music, bitch I just …
It’s… and I’m mother fucker….

Thanks to madailui

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