Teea Goans - Letter From God Lyrics

Went to the mail box in my pajamas
There was a letter with a funny postmark on it
No return address, junk mail I guessed
But I open it anyway
It was written in a beautiful hand
words so simple a child could understand
Almost spilled my coffee, as the truth dawned on me
Oh my God is all that I could say
It said, this is a letter from God
I know it’s out of the blue, but I had my mind on you
I have seen you struggle lately, when the world was going crazy
I thought you'd given up, so I thought I'd get in touch
There is not a moment you're alone
I still love you like my own
I know there's work to do, but I've got faith in you
So please don’t give up on me

Lay down my letter to catch my breath
The room was spinning, I felt the light in my head
Why would you write to me
What's so special about me
I can't heal this broken world and all it's broken hearts
I kept on reading through the cloud of tears
Half from curiosity, half out of fear
It's like you knew me, you could see right through me
You wanted me to know how beautiful we are
And He said
This is a letter from God
I love you with all my might
Red yellow black and white
I Need you more than ever, to bring my children back together
Just remember that it starts, in each and every person's heart
We've been over this before
feed the hungry, help the poor
Turn the other check
Love your enemies
And please remember to forgive

Then I wake up on a tangled bed
tears on my pillow, those words in my head
a little confused, but with a new sense of hope
If He's not given up on us, I sure won’t
Thought I was doing pretty well but I can do better
I know I have been dreaming
But I am still believing

I got a letter
I got a letter from god

Thanks to feel

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