Declan Galbraith - Im cryin for you Lyrics

Ive tried to say
Just how i feel
I wancha your heart
Its oh so real

You told me before
Its the begining of the end
I tried to understand
Why you want to run away

When alone
Im feeling sad and in such pain
But forever i want you to stay

Im cryin for you
Im dying for you
Im begging you please dont ever leave
Im cryin for you
Im dying for you
I beg you to stay ,dont run away

Cant wait another day
To hear the words that you will say
I need you

Tell me its not pretend
Maybe we can try once again
No more make believe (no more make believe)
Try to understand how i feel

So help me im saying please
Hey girl dont keep on lying to yourself
Its never over until the end


Im cryin for you
Im dying for you
We'll make it in time
I'l be fine

Chorus (plays in between)
We'll make it on time
I love you

Thanks to javier g

Thanks to javier g for correcting these lyrics

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