Lmfao - With You Lyrics

It was all a dream
I used to play chess at the coffee..
And as my coffee steamed,
I thought about my life and my loathly dreams.
It’s so sick that I’m starting to mix things…
Rest in peace and then split,
Where’s the place that..
To make people feel ..one day
And now I remember when you gave the secret,
….and if you didn’t achieve it,
…he was a rap and now I walk in the club like a million times.
Spilling mine like a million rhymes,
We party, rock till the a billion drops,
…zillion shots!
Yes! So feeling good, …
I’m feeling good, and you all start feeling good!
…hey, I’ve been the same before it start the fame
The only thing that is changed…
You and I are cool than a…
Still the same crew I roll with.
Memories fell like old …
…last forever.

Chorus: (x2)
It’s crazy! I never want this feeling to end,
This is what it needs to be friends!
Only when I’m hanging with you
All my dreams come true!

I feel like flying, on top of my game and not even trying
Nowadays I’m..
And we should make it,
I feel like crying, is better than…

Thanks to madailui

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