Intro: (Beenie)
I(whooaa lord lord), I'm having the time of my life(yeahhh ay)
And I know this cause I owe it all to you(wohooh now)
And if they, only knew(whoaa na)
That I would do this all over again

Verse 1:
And so,
Some gyal a seh dem body good
But a chat dem a chat
Me, know mi good, cah mi man come back

Yes mi mus come back
Cause yuh got it like dat(yuh know)
Mi nuh nyaam snow cone
Mi nuh lick lollipop(anywhere)
Bedroom perform, and me deh pon top
Di handle pop off, but pump it up back

Bumpa cock up, me man deh round back(yuh kno)
Corna to corna, nah drop off
First lady mi nuh tek second chat
A nuh nutten dat, if a gyal ??? one knock
Slam bam, thank yuh mum,
Dat a your ting dat
Talk di tings, mek ole nigga flop

Oh baby
I-I-I I-I-I-I have the time of my life
And I know this cause I owe dis all to yuh
An-An-And if you on-on-on-only knew
Dat I never gonna give yuh up

Verse 2:
Haters cyan get mi down
So when dem chat mi nuh care
Mi know mi and hussy mek a perfect pair(mi know)
When mi touch inna di street,
Mi see hypocrite a stare
Mi mogel fi di better wid expensive flair
Mi a wife wid a ring
Mi nuh ?? mi nuh spare
Hundred per cent mine, mi nuh borrow mi nuh share
Di loving weh mi give him
Mek him haffi stay dere
So come sing mek everybody hear

Are you ?? mek yuh hold yuh man(uh Lord)
Some gyal mash up like a soda can(yeahhh)
Yuh a mi wife wid yuh owna plan(whooaa Lord)
Some gyal out deh,
Don't own a van(heyy)

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Intro

Thanks to CESCO JAM

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2012-12-31 11:59:26 by anonymous
lovely song