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Chamillionaire - Send Me An Angel Freestyle Lyrics

Anything else would be uncivilised

I rip the best beat, kiss the left cheek
Not the one on the face ya can't impress me
I split the red sea, quick as nestle
Ya can't be the realest til it's a dead me
From the presedential room that I'm high in
The floor not the weed I'm sharpe and tie tying
You could fly private jet and die in a high skying
Lord knows I didn't wanna get rich and die flying
I think I need an (angel) in my life
Bout of course my soul is hot frying
They say that extasy can help ya with not crying
But I don't really miss with da ig I'm not ryan
Before I self destruct on my label ey I'm trying
To know why every convo would start with stop lying
To hell with b.s. that's never what I'm buying
See it into existence success is what I'm eyeing
The star on the track welcome to the captain kirk show
I am not a new boy but I can be a jerk though
Hit ya in the heart the truth is normally kinda hurtful
Hurt yo did I do that no urkel
I bein eatin well but I still ain't had dessert bro
What the heck you get it for ain't lovin whatcha work fo
Can't take money witcha leave ya money on the earth bro
2 jesus pieces I ain't never wore to church no

I think I need a
In my life, I think I need an angel
Yea yea, I think I need an angel in my life
The only way I'm goin feel right
Cause right now it's like I walked into the coldest night
Good morning lifting up my spirit as I say goodnight
Always bein ahead of my time
When houston was chopped n' slowed
Alotta years ago there's something that youi should know
Always bein an overchiever at stuntin I was a pro
I was ridin 26's when t.I. made 24's
And no, I'm never dissing my city
Even though some people in my city do diss me
Who the hell you think you talking to dude it's me
How you ain't never did the math and try ta do history
I said the blueprint, new print, zero 1 2 print
Sense isn't common but I had to get a few cents
You don't know me then you shouldn't have ta add your 2 cents
Say I'm nice like they don't know I use ta be a nuisence
I turn from jekyll to hyde like let's ridee
I would just expect you to hide get inside
We can get it all the way live like gym 5
Had to 1 n park it I started like let's drive
Couldn't even block it or watch it your best spies
Couldn't even block it or stop it with ten tries
Had your body shaken and quaking like sex eyes
Hopeing up the top and the size and surpriseeee

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