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Chamillionaire - Its Goin' Down (Tosin Remix) Lyrics

It's goin down tonight
Tonight it goes down
It's goin down tonight
Tonight it's gonna go down baby [x2]

[Verse 1: Chamillionaire]
Yea ya know I'm riding got it lookin like the batmobile
Ain't nobody robbin I could promise it's a strap n' seal
Better have a shield, bet a hater have ta chill
Got the paint ta match my wheels
Got a chick for every bill
In my wallet you could say I got alot of friends
Lota ben franklins pick a chick I'm tryna spend
And she probly 10 dimes I got alot of them
Open up my phone book like tell me where should I begin
Mo money, mo problems so the mo I grow
Celebrate the money made haters will we gonna toast
Jealousy is in the motion that a show the most
So we riding by the haters lookin out fo the results
Moet we gonna float make her think she on a boat
Got the 26's showin plenty buttons like a coat
Buckle up your belly cause we bout to roller coast
On the spokes so much bass my trunk about to overdose
It's over folks


[Verse 2: Big Moe:]
It's goin down tonight on that southside
Said it's goin down on the southside
I'm that nigga big ass moe
Sippin potent fo (everyday sippin on the po fo)
Chillin with my nigga screw zoo
Were rollin ho doo (we roll it behind tint in the hoo doo)
And we stay so playa made
Sippin syrup in the shade (steady sippin on syrup in the shade)


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