Chamillionaire - No Hate Lyrics

See I'm running from the sunlight, I be hustlin at night
Cause it seems like the whole word tryna take my hustle from me
But no way

Young hustla what it look like, man I ain't gon tell ya no lies
Look around and I can't really say that I like what I see
But no hate

[Verse 1:]
It's true I stopped chillin with boys in 2004
The boy be thinkin that I'm chillin is the way to go
Visions of gripping oak, ain't messin with the dope
Tryna move up and lookin at the ground like it's a slope
It seem like everyday the struggle make the hustle harder
There's splinters on the bench and I'm jus tryna be a starter
Ain't tryna bother, but I'm tryna be a baller
Candy green impala, I'm tryna see the mara
You tryna hustle I can't tell you ya future man
But all my patnas in it tryna say they wanna get out the game
If grindin is ya thing, then welcome to my gang
You are a member jus remember we do not complain
It's prolly you tryna tell me how to make a move
Staring at the tube like you got glue underneath ya shoe
I refuse to talk it I'm a show and prove
If your knowin you said couldn't I'm showin you


[Verse 2:]
I promised I was fact, my partna he got jacked
His caddy truck was crack, he lost a couple stacks
He even lost his girl and that made him react
He got of that mattress and the he went and got em back
Koopa, I'm tired of chillin on this corner dog
Tryna get up on that tour bus an roll with ya'll
Ain't gotta ball mayne maybe I can start of small
I trap but I rap promise my freestyling raw
Gimme the call you know I won't even hesitate
I be an investment the world gon under estimate
Gotta show em I'm the truest and jus rep my state
I just wanna do it for it's too late

Ey ey ey fool where my money at
Say man gimme my money
Wassup grab em, grab em


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