BIG K.R.I.T. - Players Ballad Lyrics

feat Raheem Devaughn

your welcome to go
where you never been before
come on baby
where them players play on..
and all that you want
in store
if I had to chose
I chose you
If I had to chose
I chose you
Play on player play on

Fresh women I’d label it
Don’t know how I’ll see it on my close it with a …
They can barely making it taking trips around the world
Just to find my beauty blind and over shining diamond
In and out of space
Seen a lot of faces but
.. see the queen of all the land is you
But once the solo mission I plan for 2
.. play on exotic beaches..
Barely sleeping taking my one and only
My body is breathing
.. cause usually .. but you can ride
If you know how to stay in


Now don’t go listen to the non believers and their tales
I .. the thing you get the ring cause .. player
… like a model .. at the bottom .. another level
.. wanna beat it cause I am ,, when our body .. so spiritual
..cause usually it’s playing on you can fly
If you know how to hang on


Thanks to feel

this shit is SO wrong... #Javan Proffett Hammon#

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