BIG K.R.I.T. - R4 Intro Lyrics

Hey hey now, As always Good to see ya my brother good to see all of yall
Yeah, I called this meeting today to discuss a matter at hand
There’s a movement we got going on, I know a lot of yall may have heard of it
Its called the R4, or return of 4eva and you know, it’s not easy to talk about it
If you can dig it, but if you just check you might catch my drift
It’s when the lights get dim and the people get quiet
Whilling waiting on change
People standing in line for hours at a time
Just to see you hit the stage
You got a feeling that you never really felt before
Deep down in ya gut, that’s when the dj hit the replay in the track
Just to make em turn it up
Now the crowd starts chanting everbody frantic ya know that ya runnin behind
The promotor sold way too many tickets for the venue he might just shut it down
So they so they rush backstage like you gotta go on, you gotta go right now
And you pass your drank to the broad with the dank like baby girl hold that down
Then they hand you a mic that’s all you need, peek out the curtain now you see
Wave of people screamin, eager, to tell them a story that will set them free
Let them be a new generation of rebels, and that there my friend is how you begin
The returnof4eva.

Thanks to Andrei

Thanks to T. Green for correcting these lyrics

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