Deitrick Haddon - Heaven Knows Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
The homeless is still homeless, the poor is still poor,
Yet we find billions of dollars to fund senseless wars.
And yes, we're fighting terrorism, what about the quiet racism,
Divided among ourselves, somebody's crying for help.

Heaven is listening (listening),
Heaven is watching (watching),
Heaven knows (knows).

[Verse 2:]
And they may not play this on the radio,
'Cause the devil don't want you to know,
If we don't stop the hypocrisy, the nation will lose it's soul.
They'd rather play music money and sex,
Like we don't have no intellect.
Somebody need to show some respect,
'Cause God is not through with us yet.


(Heaven knows), heaven knows the preachers that's not preachin'.
(Heaven knows) and heaven knows the teachers that are not teachin',
(Knows) heaven knows the politicians that's stealing
(Heaven knows) heaven knows the ones that are out there killing.

(Oh heaven knows) that the world needs a revival
(Heaven knows) that we've walked away from the Bible,
(Knows) heaven knows that the world needs healing
(Heaven knows) that somewhere we've lost our feelings.


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