Jason Michael Carroll - Numbers Lyrics

I'm doing 72 in a 65
On I-24 in a 4 wheel drive
Got a 10 o'clock on 18th Ave
And there a 30 percent chance of rain all week
and *the high today is gonna be 83
Playing highway 101 on 102.5
An 18 wheeler by my side

Numbers all around flying by,up ad down
Some as slow as Christmas coming,
some at the speed of sound
And we all wonder what they mean
The highs, the lows and in between
While most of them mean absolutely nothing
Some of them mean everything.

I made a 9 15 on my buddy .. porch
.. she’s a perfect ten
Three years later .. a finger of her left hand
And that should be the one and only thing
numbers all around like I opened down
some say Christmas is coming at the speed of sound
we all wonder ..absolutely nothing

91-11 turned us we all wait on the second coming
numbers all around like I opened down
some say Christmas is coming summer ..
we all wonder ..absolutely nothing

Thanks to feel

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2011-03-28 14:29:46 by ljgabbers
LOVE LOVE LOVE this new song by Jason Michael Carroll!! Everything he sings is pheonominal. His voice is very unique and he puts 100% of himeself into everything he sings
2011-03-28 02:00:31 by tiffer
Jason Michesl Carroll is the best music artist ever! I love his new single "Numbers it's the best!