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Boa - kissing you (english lyrics) Lyrics

Baby though it may be difficult
During sad times
Just call me anytime
If you want to hide
Your crying voice
It’s alright if you don’t say a thing ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE
(ahh – baby I feel for you)

Falling in your sky
The rain does not stop
Bue we don’t get wet
As we walk under an umbrella

No one is as strong as they think
The way you are with all your weakness
Yes, I m in love with you

# Baby I’ll protect you
I will hold you tightly
Though I am lacking
I always want to listen
I want to know more
Your heart more than anyone ALWAYS KISSING YOU

Though something is on your mind
You who smiles like everything is ok even though it is just a bluff
The truth is I don’t dislike it

Conveying something deeper than words
Your cant stop from letting out a sigh
Well, you are not along

Baby though it may be difficult
During sad times
Come to me anytime
Tightly holding your hand
I’ll keep you warm
You laugh until morning – ALWAYS KISSING YOU

Yes, I’m in love with you

(Repeat #)
(aahhh – baby I feel for you)

Thanks to zai

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