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Chris Brown - Up To You (Snippet) Lyrics

What the hell babe,
Yeah my aim never fails this way
Somebody, somebody tell me
I don't have a clue what to do
When it comes to you
Baby, you're so beautiful
Everytime, I see you girl, you throw me off
It's so unusual
For me, to be waiting
But I don't want to blow it girl,
But you should know this girl

Ohh, I'm not gonna be the one to mess this up,
Cause I've been left up in love before,
I'm a be the one to take a back seat girl
We can take our time and you can run this Stay in, go out,
Anything you want girl, we can do
Girl are we going down, I don't know,
But from here now baby I'm gone leave that up to you,
I'm a leave it up to you

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2013-01-28 20:19:27 by anonymous
i love this song soooooo much