*Cause greater is He that's within me, than he that's in the world, world, I, I,
I feel so BIG right now, yo, yo, yo,
I feel so BIG right now*

I just feel BIG
Not as an overweight
I am like a soldier king ready for an *overtake*
They say I am just a man
Well I might be
But I serve a Big *God*,
You *don't want to* fight me
Look at me with your eyes
* and you're askin' is there more*
Look at me in the spirit,
Bigger than * a dinosaur*
In case you didn’t know
I just make a sound
I got angels *just* looking for a *battle ground*


I apologize
I *talk Big noise*
But I am never alone
My angel *be* some big boys
Big *love* big faith and some big joy
Still riding through your hood *on them* big toys
No *weapon formed will do no* harm
That’s why *we're on jet skis in the middle of the* storm
God loves me and I believe
That he will take care of everyone *of my needs*


Big man walking (repeats)

You say big man walking
Cause I serve the hero
Look like *Kevin Hart feel like Debo*
Add upon my loses
Still get zero
I took the devils *lunch*
And *his bag of cheetos*
I got a big *God in me, look like sumho*
Gotta do a Cadillac I can’t do a *two door*
Call him *Miagi* I’ll be *Laruso*…
*Bonzae player, game over, uno*


Thanks to P. McKinnon for correcting these lyrics

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