Some call it Pap Pap
Some call it J…
Whatever you hear is my ..
I call him GOD (repeats)

It’s simple amazing
All that’s done for me
And how he .. gave me the victory
You know me and how I used to be
I could have been dead somewhere in the street
But now I am church boy a wok boy
Some call Him a .. cause He is a provider
Some call Him best friend cause He is a rider
He is on the inside of me
One God in the only trinity


Some say He is the man .. who will be there no matter ..
I call Him GOD (repeats)

God is my joy and the strength of my life
Took away my pain and my striking
Gave me a wife gave me a life
Gave me salvation and ..
Now I am a grown man crying
Cause I feel .. when a innocent man is dyeing
But because of that I don’t have to fight
So I .. GOD till the dead ..


GOD is my provider
Jehovah .. victory
Jehovah you are my peace
I call Him GOD (repeats)


Thanks to feel

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