Meghan Tonjes - This Year Lyrics

Out on the open highway
Out in the open air
See the world move beneath me
Leaving without a care
I know just where I came from
But I don't know where I'll end
Only thing that I'm sure of
I'd do it all again

I found a boy I could love
Maybe I found a few
Even with best intention
They never followed through
If he could take my heart now
He'd put right in her chest
Thinking he'd have a girl
He finally could love best

And I'm gonna be fine, fine, fine
I'm gonna be brilliant

This year is gonna be better and you're gonna see
This Year Im gonna be stronger and a braver me
This Year and im gonna make it 'cause I said I would
Do all the things you said I never could

This Year x2

I may not be perfection
But I never claimed to be
Maybe if I was thinner, beautiful classically
Of all of the things I carry
And all of the things I know
I know that I will be loved
No matter where I go

And im gonna be fine, fine, fine
I'm just gonna be different


This Year x2

Maybe you're the kind who needs lights falling down
Maybe you're the kind who needs stars racing to the ground
Just to feel the things you wish for are coming true

Sometimes it's hard to get up
Maybe it's hard to speak
Think no one understands you
Feel like nobody sees
When the night's dark around you
With all of the things you've lost
Know that the hope inside you
Sometimes is worth the cost

And we're gonna be fine, fine, fine
We'll be together


This Year ( I'm gonna make it, gonna make my way back to you)x2

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2013-02-01 22:45:42 by anonymous
....Iv just fell in love with it. Dont get how music like this is left out of chart shows. AMAZING!!
2013-02-01 22:43:46 by anonymous
This song explains my attitude towards this year so much. so funny that id never even heard of her!
2012-12-01 23:03:01 by anonymous
Meghan is amazing I am just in love with this song!
2012-06-05 20:27:18 by anonymous
I love this song!!!! So much! She's such an inspiring person!!!