Ghostface Killah - Purified Thoughts Lyrics

feat. GZA & Killah Priest

Am I a good man?
Am I a fool?

Take my hands out my pockets you can see my thumbs
Both of them turn green from counting the ones
Memorized by the glory world life
Cut off n****s who killed good but couldn't do nothing for me
Shout em out every once in the blue and ???? I never rock with long as they keep away we cool
I divise my own stimulus playin em niggerish
I’m tired of eating those crumbs and black licorice
To free my minds on fire's like cleansing a mic
Let the Imam pray over my head and wash
Thoughts sterilized purified godly
Watches get manifested green like barley
If that should happen I feed his whole army
Talking about the angels and peeps in Somali
Try to stay humble and swallow my pride
In God I trust not talking about the ones on your five
Catch me in the little hut in Benin villian style feeding all the children
Big pots of jasmine tea with Mandela,
Africans chanting me on like Coachella
Ghostface Boom Ba Yay
Kumbaya my Lord my death date 24 carats …
Wishin' they can bury me next to the prophets
Nabi Lot Isa Musa Hadrat Muhammdd Ibrahim.

Am I a good man?
Am I a fool?

The lord takes me gathering speeds before winds
Hot currents distant places before men
Wings kings offerings thrones were there
Man with the seven crowns on his dome was near
Feet walked over rose petals souls from the ghetto
Face frozen gold like the pharaoh
Adorned in glory robed but light a power ...cherim
As he passed the path white doves crossed the eyes of thugs
Eternal heart beat and the dark fire in his blood 700 books were open
Embraced the right then threw the crooks in the ocean
Skin brass hair like it grew from goat skin
A chosen has spoken tablets were broken
The smoke hand grabs a omen
Gravity grabbing me gradually and dragging me through hell's cavity
This is blasphemy I fed where the jackals feed
God felt bad for me but cast me in the Caspian Sea
Satan gave the dragon his key Wu-family's the faculty.

Am I a good man?
Am I a fool?

He use to sling in a stairwell
Fast to put the wrap on a thinking cap ignite your hair gel
No such thing as a fair sale
He'll put the bullet out same day delivery air mail
And on this level a thug will sell you garbage
No refund the only exchange from the cartridge
But the users kept coming back with their life earnings
Ready to make a deal soul in pipe burning
The outcome tragic the household dramatic
Living rooms for heated spoons, basements for attics
Support from a beam hit the courts from a fiend
The betrayed one who had lit the torch for his team
So he sent them gifts body parts per diem
In the box that held prints but too dark to see em.

Thanks to greta

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