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DMX - Talkin Money Lyrics

Waah: how you doin over there, swizz?

Swizz: I'm doin pretty good

Waah: how you doin? you aight?

Swizz: I'm good

Waah: yeah, so what's poppin' with this money? how we makin out?

Swizz: well, waah, we're getting a lot of checks in
from the record companies, we're doing very good

Waah: how much money is is is goin in my pocket,
and how much is goin in yours?

Swizz: waah, your getting at least 60%, we only takin like 3%

Waah: I'm not feelin you are my cousin right now, you know that right?

Swizz: I don't understand why, waah

Waah: ok, well didn't you just cut half my cut with the president?

Swizz: ummm, well, that wasn't paid for...

Waah: fuckin studder, where my money at?

Swizz: waah, settle down

Waah: wheres my fuckin money at?

Swizz: it's in the account

Waah: shut the fuck up, now wheres my money at?

(gun shots)

Waah: motherfucker, shit.....i want my money!

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