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Bizzy Bone - Thats Why Thugs Never Cry Lyrics

Live by the sword, die by the sword
Believe in the Lord, and the laws of the Lord
And when you ride for the cause, keep an eye on the cause
You ever lose sight, and you blind as a mole
We must decide if they rise, decide if they fall
Alive with the light, you can shine on 'em all
We all designed to be strong, sometimes we'll be right
And sometimes we'll be wrong, we must weather the storm
It's the design of it all, we'll never know it all
Just love one another and honor father and mother
When you kind ?, with hate you'll never know
It's crawled up outta the gutter, the thoughts the spirit help us
When you find you're in a hole, you search you're inner soul
You search to get the truth, and you find you're way to go
It's the design of it all, you'll find what it means
A struggle to succeed when life is like a dream

That's why the thugs never cry (thugs never cry)
From the thunder and rain, just look into my eyes
That's why the thugs never cry (thugs never cry)
The world is a ghetto, we gots to stay alive
That's why the thugs never cry (thugs never cry)
We're hoping for change and puffin' on some ?
That's why the thugs never cry (thugs never cry)
Bizzy is back, only the strong survive

So wipe the tears with a sleave, and just 'cause you believe

One day you gon have what you want, what you gonna be
When the winds don't blow, and God don't make mo'
Keep an eye on the stone, and oh, just remember
The world gets dark, and you carry your heart
Just open up your opens eyes, and insipre the whole art
From the birds to the bees, the snakes and the trees
The lakes and the sea, the brakes in the sea
And when the tide ship down, and nobodies around
Ain't nothing to be found, and uh... I don't make a sound
No nobody and no preasance and yes you're ? the essance
Of creation in the making and the patiance of the Satans
Ever blessings queen, message to a king, and a gift to a prince
Like a gift to a ring, for the love of a slave
Yes Adam and Eve, a slave that loved God before she bit the tree

If you do then you ?, you don't then you ?
You ever been in that situation without a plan?
And if you tried and you can't
Just get up out the streets, and hustle to get your money
And make sure that you be that
I go to church and see sin, get punched in the chin
And a brother saves his brother, you'll never do it again
And the child drinking Hen, and you're mad at his dad
I'm in the army just to keep this whole world in harmony
It ain't nothing like Shaq, whose dad walked out
Who never knew he'd grow and ride and make it out
It's like God and the sun, a flower and a bun
A tower and a plane, that never destroyed none
It's the design of it all, the time of it all
The crime of it all, and the life of it all
Pick up your eyes to the sky, and never ask why
You really know the answers and I

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