Chris Brown - AWOL Lyrics

Why you’re up in here starting drama?
Beauty got the bottie with a curve like …
We can disappear into my … until tomorrow
We can go ….
Think that I should .. hundred bills when you pass me
It was on my mind girl you don’t even got to ask me
I don’t need no bitches I ain’t come to do no math
I just wanna get

I got you baby girl
So you can relax
The way you do that
Girl, the way you move that
You know I’m on a mission
I ain't trying get missin'

I'm tryna get alone
'Cause these girks you came with
And it ain't gotta tell the homiesz
when I’m going girl
We can go a a a a wo wo wo AWOL
Turn off the phone
BabyGirl you won't need it
Nobody can be able to reach it or come gurl
'Cause we gonna go a a a a a wo wo wo wo wol
a a a a a wo wo wo wo wol

I love the way you fit in Dolce and Gabanna
It makes me wanna get behind it
.. and just get love
I got the mister Money
I’m your super and your doctor
We can light it up and go .. like a rocket
Blow in the wind we don’t need nobody watching
We can get AWOL

We're about to wild out now
Let it all hang out now
Ain’t no turnin back 'round now
It's going all the way down now
Ain't Nobody gotta know
Follow me i can take you there
Don't worry 'bout the time
'Cause really, baby
We can do it anywhere
We can Do this real nasty
Put your legs up in the air air air iar

Baby i'm the first captain u massagin'
Damn right i'm tryna get u wetta den New Orleansz
i ain't tryna beat it up
i'm tryna just massage it
up against the wall*

Thanks to feel

Thanks to jj. for correcting these lyrics

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