Machine Gun Kelly - Alice in Wonderland Lyrics

I was raised on the separate side of the tracks in the land where the wild things roam
Open up my closet see a tall leaf grown
Pick a leaf up off of the stem take it all to the dome
Callin' it the Alice in Wonderland sparing them down to me im betting on the time im stumbling

Come back to my senses from the sound of thunderin
Trees talking to me wonderin if I'll ever come again
Every single day until I’m sick of the sun again
Starin at the ripples, skippin' rocks in the pond again
Stimulatin' every single cell when I'm ponderin'
In the green leaves are fallin shriveled up like a summer's end

What shall I do, where do I go I want the fumes in put the towel under the door
Im feelin' the dro puffin and releasin' the smoke. Its not enough for me. I want it if you got it, for sho'
There are things talking to me , mommy I swear
I’m seeing figures in the dark again ended up nobody’s there..
Intangible shadows I fuck 'em, they got me reachin' for nothin'
So I take a hit of the Alice and I'm hopin' for somethin'
Fuck all da puffin'
Treat it like Christmas turkey open up and get to the stuffin'
See if I'm bluffin'
I'm ready to go to the moon
I'll do whatever, whenever. Promise to get me there soon

I’m lost In my own mind where do I go?
I swear this wonderland's not what I used to know
Voices in my head tellin me to go to.. Wonderland
Twisted up, feel the smoke run up my hand.. Wonderland
Twisted up, sip it, chop it if you can.. Wonderland
Sit back let me show you how it begins Wonderland
Raise my mind I think I lost it in the end

Take me to the twilight zone
No lights on
Let the altitude where you be seein' all the kites flown
Family concerned convinced that my minds gone
And they right last night first class flight gone
Mami why the fuck the flow i got em out now
Conversatin, why yall naked on the ground now
About face told me to get out now see the revolution of tomorrow in the clouds now
So far gone, but I’m not drizzy, Cleveland's Own, but I’m not Bizzy
Nope no bone, "Wait up. Who is he?" I don't even know anymore, I swear I went crazy
All this talk about the life and the ice in the right hands
Could get you the dream and a nice tan.
But it dont say the price of ya life cuz the slice of soul as a man in the right hand as long as the cards set right
My saliva gave the card deck life
Queen of Hearts tryna take away my best type
The ace of spades make a mufuckin ... right
Creepy crawlers tryna sneak up give me bed bites
Hide up under the covers keep intruders out my bed life
Hug The pillow keep it under my head tight so the tooth fairy cannot get up in my head nights

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