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Bow Wow - I'm goin' outta of my mind Lyrics

I’m goin’ outta of my mind my mind
I’m tryin’ to … on all this celebrity
And leavin’ on reality
I’m goin’ outta of my mind my mind
I’m tryin’ to be with just one woman
Instead I’m having five
I’m gonna out of my mind my mind
But it’s hard for me to trust anybody
I don’t trust these niggers
I’m goin’ outta my mind my mind
And if they see my fuels
Comm’ and walk in my shoes

Niggers wanting favors
Niggers wanting hand outs
Mandatory for me to try and help my men out
Got niggers in and out of jail
Payin’ all the lawyer fees
I could knew things will shit like this before I’m away from me
I’m smoking even more now
My city thinks I’m turn
Dough this was never the case
And I’ll always have love for’em
I try to digest all of this pressure
Too young to be goin’ through a depression


I got a girl I’m tryin’ to like
I’m tryin’ to do my grown man
Deali’ with the press
I don’t feel her like my best friend
Got two sisters
I ain’t seen’em for ever
I haven’t spoken to my grandmother
Know she feels neglected
Just because you see me … and pack bottles
Don’t mean I don’t have that
Days my own problems
See 23 is old sometimes I feel like
I haven’t been here before that


Back to time when I was 22
She got .. biggest …of my life
Never will forget this
I’m on a movie set
I get a call my girl pregnant
Hold’em my composure
But I’m feeling breathless
Thinking about my fans
Thinking about career
Tryin’ to do the best move
What do I do from here?
So much line on this young man
It’s even crazy when you got the world in your hand


It ain’t easy being me
Life of the celebrities
More than ever be


Thanks to feel

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