Bow Wow - Magic midnite Lyrics

I could be your cup of feel
Baby can I cup of feel
Ever wait my all on you
Low mama don’t thrust this appeal
I can freak your mind
I’ll be your mind freak
Like Mike … angel
Every time I’m gonna teach your body
Baby I will David .. you
I don’t need no books or potions
Baby girl you got me open
You might think it was … comin’
I’m gonna hit you with different scopes
You’re gonna fall on my .. trick
I’m gonna make your toes curl
And all this ain’t an illusion baby
Tell me how you want it girl, but

Do you believe in magic?
Girl close your eyes and let me give you the surprise
I’ll make you believe in magic
Make you believe this ain’t no ordinary show
You gotta believe in magic
You gotta believe in

Welcome to my midnite magic show
I got some tricks I must leave
Girl I got just what you need
Welcome to my midnite magic show
I got something special for you
Girl I know just what to do
Welcome to my midnite magic show
.. right up to the stage
It’s going down tonight
Midnite magic show
Girl I’m a magician
In your VIP admission

These are my magic shows
See the tricks …
I’ll play with your .. girl
But I got to hack on you
Magicians never tell
How we do our tricks
That’s exactly why these other guys
Don’t do it like this
Mown it how you like it
Like that tiger …
I bet you
You just like that magic trick
Girl I’ll eat you up like fire
She climbs in my magic ..
We get to cut it just like some …
I hope you press when ….
We got rest to ….


Thanks to feel

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