Brad Paisley - Searching Lyrics

searching for my true love
catching a glimmer in the distance
a bright light gleaming in the darkness
so radiant and beautiful is its glow
so elegant and tantalizing is the sound it echoes
drawing me closer to an immortal bliss

drawing me closer with every breath that i muster
sending chills of anticipation down my spine
reaching out to touch my tear tracked cheek
wiping away the tears of ages from my face
whispering to me softly for only my ears to hear

assuring me the end of my sadness is almost here

taking me in and holding my tightly
protecting me from the evils of my past life
showering me with love and affection
and sheltering me from the coldness of the world
all the time reaching for the glimmer of light in the distance
i have found my one true love

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