Blood On The Dance Floor - Party On Lyrics

erse one:

Girls on lock

Make it drop

Hand On glock

Party Hard, Never stop

Haters hate bitches talk

I'm to trash to even walk

I'm to gone to be found

Heat rising 40oz

Wrist. ankle. shackle. thighs

I'll black out till sunrise

I'll wake up with no regrets

With eleven girls in my bed

I'm back up, and going out,

Fuck my way through the crowd

Gotta raise my body, count,

Up and down,

Scream and shout

Live it up,

Party down,

Whiskey' shots till' I hit the ground


There's a party that's going on

We'll stay up till' the break of dawn

Neon Lights! Bacardis in my sight

I'm feelin' good when the drinks are all gone

Live it up, Party on

Drink it down, Till' the sun comes out

Live it up, Party on

Drink it down, Till' the sun comes out

Verse 2:

I'm the center of attention,

And I'm tiltin 'em back.

I've got all my favorite boys, Jose, Johnny and Jack.

We eat nails for breakfast,

And whiskey for lunch,

But it's not my kind of party till there's a spike in the punch!

Take a hit,

Take a sip,

Lose your head,

Let it drip.


Move your hips,

Lose your grip,

Move your feet,

Leave this track on repeat,

Take the party to the streets.

Another boy, another drink, who cares what people think?


Commencing Operation: Get Fucked up!

My name must taste so good,

Cause it's always in somebodies mouth.

At least I know I'm popular,

Cause all my shows sell out.

From L.A. to New York,

Parading coast to coast.

All these whores are just notches on my bed post.

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