DISTURBED - The Infection Lyrics

(Verse 1)
In the back of my mind I can
Barely remember when
There was nothing left to hide and
She had found a way inside, then
I was forced to walk alone
Living in an empty home
All I wanted was to hide and
Try to numb the ache inside

And I'm still afraid of the light
And a thousand voices share their laughter at my demise

Now if I am to survive...
The Infection must die!
Murder the beast that's been eating me alive!
The Infection must die!

(Verse 2)
Nothing left but a broken man
Terrified of everything
Nothing left of his foolish pride, his
Fond memories slowly die, then
As he wakes again alone
Still a prisoner in his home
Ready to allow the dark to
Penetrate his broken heart



This is where I draw the line!
The Infection must die!
Give me release from this demon of mine!
The Infection must die!

Thanks to Rayth the Disturbed One for correcting these lyrics

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