T.I. - G-Shit Lyrics

Yeah Trill Entertainment younq savaqe, um all da way qanqsta
I heard dae wanted g-shit, well uma give it to you 'G' nigga
[Verse One:]
Tell me what you know about me
W-E-B-B-I-E A-K-A Trill E-N-T
young S-A-V-A-G-E nigga
in the streets that where i be thats where um at cuz
thats where was way before this fuckin rap cuz
try to loud cap, get ya ass capped cuz
or in the muthaf*ckin trunk behind the speakers
I pack gats like them ol skool beepaz,
bitch you got that work but you working wit dem people
Talkin shit like a hoe about me huh,
so like a man uma murk ya when i see ya
Catch yo bitch on that cell phone, shoot up her Nokia
You aint stupid, you got ears bitch you know um forreal
Get that chainsaw and let you feel the pain that I feel
Slice yo ass all da way down from ya brain to ya ear.

You want g-shit,shit
you want g-shit, shit
you want g-shit, shit
you want g-shit, shit
Well uma give it to ya
Well uma give it to ya
Well uma give it to ya
Well uma give it to ya

[Verse Two:]
um about business nigga
Ah in the kitchen nigga
Got long bread, can hit you from long distance nigga
uma bad bitch getta
A picky, picky nigga
Gotta have a straight face, some ass, and some titties nigga
uma untamed gorilla cut throat mutha fucka
Threw my 18 years i done pulled all types of hustles
you don't wanna start nothing 'cuz the whole boot comin
might as well ask Stevie Wonder nigga I aint seen nothing
Fuck another nigga business uma mind my own
Before I get in another nigga shit uma find my own
Yeah play with me and bullets slang like stones
Ain't no sense in wearing vestes 'cuz those bullets catch domes
But cha know my vest i never leave without that
since them pussy ass niggas tried to shoot in my chest
We want that real gangsta shit that's what the real niggas stress
Put the savage in the mic it's a bet


[Verse Three:]
I aint at home unless um right where the block at
I keep a ghetto ass bitch out the projects
Dont sell weed cuz i smoke it bitch i sell crack
Dont buy pussy cuz its free bitch I buy lacs
I got stacks 'cuz um all about cake
Real niggas I done jacked real niggas bare face
Keep a muthafuckin' K
Keep more than one clip
uma mutha fuckin' playa i keep more than one bitch
The real deal so they steal my shit
Its all trill real rappers dont stop with these hits
It comes to real
um the realest
um the trill familylidist
You want gangsta shit so that's how you gone get it


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