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Clannad - Shoujo no Gensou Lyrics

Hichou ga maite
Hichou ga oriru
Isoshie no michi niKaze ni kakari
Kaze ni kaoru
Kakuu no soraOmoi hase anata ga kieru hiFuukou saite
Fuukou utsuru
Kakuu no soraOto mo naku anata ga kieru hiAnata nose haru wa utau
Kikishi utakata

English translation

The flying bird twirls
The flying bird descends
On an ancient pathSuspended on the wind
Fragrant in the wind
In an imaginary skyOn a day of racing emotions, you vanishTearing through the scenery
Reflecting the scenery
In an imaginary skyA day when you vanish without a soundYou are carried by spring as it sings
Listen, bubbles

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