Borgore - Nympho Lyrics

Hey kids it's Borgore
Do you know what's hardcore?
Me shoving an elephant up your sister's back door
She wants foreplay, I don't wanna play* what for

This bitch is so used, I wouldn't sell her at the second hand store
'Cause her pussy is so wide
That you could put your head inside
Bring ten of your friends
And have yourself a ride

I'm telling you this bitch is crazy
She needs to be arrested
She'll suck your dick so deep
That you'll feel your dick digested

I'm a nympho [x3]
You can get in my pants, skip the intro
I love my mom, my dad, and my dildo

She's a nympho [x4]
She likes to fuck all day, she never stops
You'll be the two girls she'll be the cup

Nympho... [x6]

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Thanks to Stephen for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to LaurenTiu for correcting these lyrics

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