Digicel Haiti Relief - Rise Again Lyrics

(Feat. Shaggy, Sean Paul, Sean Kingston, Etana, Tesanne Chin, Kees Dieffenthaller, Alison Hinds, David Rudder, Belo, Shontelle Layne, Destra Edwin Yearwood)

Rise Again
Let the love flow, Let the love flow (repeat)
Ah jus love, you know. (Shaggy)
Let's take it from our heart and spread it wide (Sean Paul)
Gotta bring this one out for my brothers and sisters, my neighbors (Shaggy)
We gotta long road ahead (Sean Paul)
Yeah (Shaggy)
Pull together we can do this (Sean Paul)
It's a Caribbean Collaboration, (Shaggy)
All my brothers and sisters, let the love flow let the love show (Sean Paul)
We gotta take a stance
It's all about strength,Let's rise. (Shaggy)

Life, pressure, struggle, strain, must stand together let us shoulder the pain.
Mi cyaan deh yah witness blood ah run down di drain
Me cyaan stand helpless and not offer aid.

[Sean Paul:]
No I would never ever turn and walk away
When mi stop and take a good good look inna your face
No time fi waste
If I ain't my brother's keeper
I'm his enemy so now I gotta search inna mi soul deeper

How can I stop my heart from breaking?
What can I do to ease the pain?

[Tessanne Chin:]
How can I stop the earth from shaking?
I'm searching for strength to keep me sane.

[Kes Dieffenthaller:]
What can we do to make it better?
Is it too late for us to try?

[Alison Hinds:]
Now I rethink the things I treasure
A fragment of hope is in these eyes

We shall rise again(we shall rise and spread our wings once again)
We shall rise again
We shall rise again(we done it before and we can do it once again)
We shall rise again

[David Rudder:]
A moment of change and now we're spinning
No warning was sent, no reason why

[Tessanne Chin:]
We gather our strength, and we are willing

To do what it takes to save some lives... oh no no...

[Shontelle Layne:]
When tragedy came it really gave us(a chance to show)
A chance to show we really care

[Destra Garcia:]
We're one and the same we are all neighbors
The burden is all for us to bare

We shall rise again
We shall rise again
We shall rise again

[Sean Kingston:]
We shall rise again coming from the bottom
Come together and let's solve the problem
Problem, problem
Everybody's got 'em
But dem a mek deh money so they don wan to solve dem
Better days, better nights will come
But I know we'll carry on
Now it's time for us to stay strong
So let's come together!

We shall rise again(rise,we shall rise)
We shall rise again(rise,we shall rise)
We shall rise again(rise,we shall rise)
We shall rise again, again, again
We shall rise(rise,we shall rise, ohoh,ohoh)
We shall rise again(rise,we shall rise, we gonna rise up)
We shall rise again(we shall, yh, ohoh, ohoh)

Rise(rise,we shall rise)
We gonna rise, we gonna rise(rise, we shall rise, ohoh, ohoh)
We gotta stand up(rise, we shall rise)
We gonna stand up, rise up yhyhyh
We gonna rise(rise, we shall rise)
Togetherness, togetherness, we shall rise

Rise, we shall rise (almighty)
We gonna rise, we gonna rise(ohoh, ohoh)

Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise
Rise, we shall rise

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2012-05-02 20:32:12 by anonymous
the message that i sent before it was from me.i am your biggest fan
2012-05-02 20:29:58 by anonymous
i love this song so i want it to be on facebook.it is perfect.we are singing it for graduation.the charles h. emanuel school 6th graders are going to sing it.i hope you guys can make it.the gaduation from will be in st.croix.those of you who sing rise haiti.can you make it for our gaduation.you have to be here at 2:00.i hope you can make it.FROM CHALES H. EMANUEL COMPUTER LAB.YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.YOU SHOULD MAKE ANOTHER SONG LIKE THAT FOR ANOTHER POOR CONTRY,STATE,ISLAND,OR CITY.LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!