702 - Star Lyrics

[hook]You're my starIt's such a wonder how you shineSo no matter how far,I'm dancing with you in my mind[verse 1]How I find the time to think aboutWhat we had beforeWhen everybody that I know isDancing on the floorSince you left the timeIt's been so slowAny corner of my mind,Where else can I go[b-sec]See I need you boyI honestly think i'mImpairing my healthSee I need you boyThat's probably whyI dance with myself[hook x 1][verse 2]Baby it's cool with me,You left it off as friendsBut I know it won't be longUntil it's on againYou're harmony to every noteYou can call my psychic,If you likeWhatever floats your boat[b-sec][hook x1][bridge]We use to walk and talk,TalkAnd you would hold me hand,HandBy the time we finish talking,TalkingWe were running out of landNow I can't wait untilWe move together again[spoken:]Oh baby, you know I miss youSo muchIt's like you got theMidas touch, woo[hook x 1][bridge][hook until fade]

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