Soulja Boy - Stadium Music Lyrics

Time is money, so I'm never wasting time
Bitch respect this fucking deck and respect this fucking mind
I'm a different kind of person, I am one of a kind
Soulja Boy lyrics great, favorite flavor punch lime
Mr. Get Bodied, Soulja Bugatti (Vroom!)
5 star hotel, call it Yo Gotti's room
Shitted on the beat and left it all smelly
And pissed on the kick call the paddle R Kelly
And I'm on the market & I'm doing well
Look at my SayNow checks bitch, fuck the album sales
I'm on another level other rappers can't imagine
I spit hot flames bitch (Soulja Boy the greatest)

Everyday I'm hustling
Everyday I'm moving
Getting money
Bitch! This the stadium music

My style so generic like your last name Cartman
Bitch please, kiss my Aston Martin
Black and white diamonds on looking like the panda
Young rich nigga rip & snapping like a camera
Running while like a chicken with his neck cut off
SOD in it to win, ain't no time for hoes
My top come off quickly like my Lamborghini
You see that right there? I call that bitch Chingy
Protein bars, my shit helping
I leaked it on the internet and they felt it
I swear I'm on the top bitch, ain't nobody near me
Use your 2 senses listen up and feel me
Hip-Hop Police monitoring my movement
They already got T.I., Gucci and Boosie
I got to keep my third eye open on battlefield!
Soulja a beast and dog
Yes, an animal

Your girl obsessed were giving brain, I call her cannibal
You say you need a verse bitch? Call my manager (Yipes! Yipes!)
Call my manager (Yipes! Yipes!)
Call my manager (Yipes! Yipes!)
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Twitter king bitch
2 million followers, bitch
Shout out SODMG all day

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