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Soulja Boy - Outer Space Flow Lyrics

My diamonds are casted,
Rims wrapped in plastic,
I'm in outerspace,
Chillin with the Jetsons,
My flow is perfected,
My goons over-protective,
Smoking presidential,
My weed is elected,
I am well-respected,
I am well-connected,
I am in the hood,
In the hood nigga section,
You girl is my food,
I had her for breakfast,
And after we sexed man,
I left that bitch breathless,
This is not school,
So please do not test this,
My flow is illegal,
My vocals arrested,
You don't want beef,
You must know the police,
Your girl sucked on my dick,
And it felt like she had no teeth,
Soulja Boy Tell Em',
Yeah I am a beast man,
In hip-hop I go ham,
Now let's have a feast man,
You are a dog,
A dog off the leash man,
If you feel like a frog,
Than go ahead and leap man,
I'm on my green shit,
My football field team shit,
You're on your wack shit,
That you have no swag shit,
I might fuck your girl,
Or I might just fuck that bitch,
Or that bitch, or that bitch, or that bitch, or that bitch,
After I fuck make her make me a sandwich,
I am so random,
Girls think that's handsome,
Haters hate mad throwimg temperature tantrums,
Soulja Boy killed them,
Fucked them,
Downed them,

Call me Arab but I'm not pakistani,
Sprunt to your granny,
Cause that hoe cand stand me,
I am the man,
That's why I demand money,
Hop on the track so fast,
Call me Arab Bunny,
Scratch that Arab Money,
Laughin, Arab Stutin,
In you hors face and I keep on cuming,
Song after song,
I continue to be bumping,
I'm right and your wrong,
You continue to be nothing,
I got bars, I got cars,
I got hors I'm a star,
I got mars on my side,
The aliens are down to ride,
It took me two nights to do What I did tonight,
I'm so high,
Why the fuck do I catch a Flight?,
You're girls leaking problem Just got handled by the pipe,
Me and you are the same, Really, SIC!
Bitch I go harder than a Train on full throttle,
Followed by Godzilla,
Followed by you and salt Rockets,
My money so fire,
Give you real hot pockets,
Tryna hate on S.O.D,
Aw bitch stop it!,
My watch still tocking,
Saying that it is my time,
The crowd rocking,
Arab, they screaming,
It took a lot of grinding,
So you better keep on Dreaming,
Or better start thinking,
Of a master plan,
I throw away the cats,
And I collect all the cash,
Of course I am gorgeous,
I collect all the facts,

I pull up in Lamborghini's,
Stuntin through your city,
You can never see me,
'Less your looking through a TV,
The cheese like I'm Mickey,
The brain like I'm Pinky,
Lil mama going ham on my Dick like bigly wigly,
Her boyfriend want to be me,
Cause I'm the one she cheat With,
Thinking she a virgin,
But I fuck her evry weekend,
My fuck is on them cheeses,
American to Swedish,
I dare you talk shit,
Before your,..
The pound on that green tip,
From A-town to D-Sip,
I stay on the hustle like T.I,
So free Tip,
Free world, free pimp,
Take off, my brim,
Moment of Silence for my boy,
Dolla Bill,

I' back on this track,
Like the white chick on Superman,
Think I'm dong hair,
The way I'm popping these rubberbands,
Stackz On Deck standing Taller than a rubberman,
Swagg Super Clean,
Like a bathtub bubblebath,
Fucking with a rat boy,
Call him ninja turtle man,
Messing with my money,
Get jacked up like Urkel's pants,
Playboii on the beat,
Call me the murder man,
Pokemon ice,
Pikachu Squirtle man,
Reppin' for the cat like,
Allison in Wonderland,
East Atlanta's own,
Six Decater I put on man.

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