Chris Brown - I'm Illy Lyrics

I'm in the class homie no gas mas paper long stack higher than giraffe ass I used to drive space ship so I landed wrong on some ugly shit E.T with a bandana on
Hangin out the right side red lighted in my head I'm looking in the bright side
Listen to my music yes I holy recommended but if you ain't messin with why the hell you commented.
And I really lovin rappen now know I had to get it in listen in the rappers and some of them sign to feminim any stage and every show I been there or I done it too big in thees girl one from me hhaaa it's young ni**a's hittin now yeah we about to shut it now my litttle sister teyana taylor and yeah I'm chris brown it ain't no goons with me gone x silly don't forget moutherf***er I'm illy.

Uhhh I guess the magnets in the

Aleganda Mcqueen cheen I'm on that mean shit super sweet sixteen clean magazine clip yeeaahh your a hater now check chek I'm a gaters now rocking goos down

YEeaahh I'm gone go hard flow hard evertime I'm at the park I show all lyrics is in

Bark like a dogg
Woof wooff


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