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DREAM - He Loves U Not Lyrics

F/ puff daddy, black rob[puffy]I see clearly nowBad boy, readyDreamWe rock the beatAnd we rock the beatI see clearly nowAnd we rock the beat26, bad boy babyRemix[dream]Pullin' petals off a flower, tryna get your wayKeep pullin' 'til it tells what you wanna sayGirl you can pick a field full of daisiesBut he'd still be my babyI know you can hardly wait 'til I'm away from himInstinctively, I know what you're thinkingYou'll be giving him an open invitationBut my baby won't be takin' it, no1 - you can pout your cherry lipsTry to tempt him with a sweet kissYou can flirt your pretty eyesCuz he ain't got his hands tied2 - no chains to unlockSo free to do what he wantsHe's into what he's gotHe loves me, he loves you notNo matter what you doHe's never gonna be with youHe's into what he's gotHe loves me, he loves you not[puffy]I can see clearly now[dream]You're the kind of girl that's always up for do or dareOnly want him because he's thereAlways lookin' for a new rideThe grass is greener on the other sideYou're the kind of girl who's not used to hearin' noAll your lovers try to take you where you wanna goDoesn't matter how hard you tryYou're never gonna get with my guyRepeat 1Repeat 2[black rob] (puffy)Yo, yo, I wake up in the morning for the breakfast in bed (uh huh)And wind up with the breakfast and headYou fire hot, you get the lexus in red (uh huh)But you know I'm ghetto like ? christians and bread? (a week)Tradin' the moon and the sun (yeah)For hard work and fun (that's right)You know it ain't no restAnd why you stressin' me, huh (why you stressin' me, huh)I love you like kung fu and new onesDon't worry about susan, cuz you the one (you the one)I make that spinach somewhere in venice (bounce)I don't mean to ignore you, I put you in the fence (come on)I ain't got time for hotlinesProbably a hot nine, you think and I find (take it, heh)Oh contrare, I won't flareCatch me on con air, causin' a bomb scareSo much cream, my thumb greenA million scene reminds me of a dreamRepeat 2 to fade (with puffy ad-libing)

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