CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Georgia (Remix) Lyrics

Welcome to Georgia
Home of James Brown...
Home of Ray Charles...
Home of Little Richard, home of Outkast, home of Goodie Mob, home of Camoflauge, home of me

One time for 'Jo goodie

The clay is runnin red rom the blood that done been shed down in Georgia
Now we weepin to the sound from the color of the ground down in Georgia

Home of the red clay and the rebel flag
Now when you on your stripes with whips on your back
Now when you click your heels and say they say there's no place like home
But at the same time better protect your georgia dome

Using DNA and bloodhounds just to find me
Don't think it's gravy bro, we still on the plantation
All the way up to Kentucky back down to Macon

Niggas with attitudes tired of the middle slavery
Like the red, white & blue finna come and save me
They still ain't paid us damn? give me my 40 acres
Money ain't no good it just some worthless piece of paper
Grindin through vapors, flushin through the backrows
This for my folks, on probation and parole
So guard your soul, dot your eyes, get on your P's & Q's
'cause in the cotton fields boy, you snooze, then you lose

Hot damnit, Georgia summers hot like satan
Got me in the kitchen, no shirt, no apron
Purp black skin like waffle house bacon
Just whip the chevy tryin' to whip up a vacation
Old lady cousins on they way up from Macon
Got a couple college boys coming in from Atlas
Seems all my life I've been grinding and cappin
Cappin' and juggin, juggin and pluggin'
But when you think about it it is rather disgusting
I hail from the state where the dreamer dreamed a dream
40 years later, coca cola is king
And I'm not referring to a damn soft dream
Just a couple thoughts I had on the cook-up
Can't afford to dwell on 'em, can't get shook up
You scared, got o church, if you with it, then re-up
Cooked preachers with the dope, got em vote for the most in

The clay is runnin red From the blood that done been shed down in

(You know what it is,
Home of the brave)

Now we weepin to the sound From the color of the ground down in Georgia


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