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David Choi - Something To Believe Lyrics

Toss and turning around
Hearing life's crazy sounds
Outside my window
I'm gonna stay here in bed
Covers over my head
I feel so tired

The world can wait for me
'Cause the past few nights, I couldn't sleep
'Cause I've been thinking about you lately
Driving myself so crazy

Please come back
I want you here
Right by my side
Oh, please come back
Oh, girl, I need something to believe
Something to believe

If I only knew
How to reach you
I'd grab your hand and take you where you belong
Here inside my arms
Hold you close, that's what I'd do

I'll just wait for you
And you could maybe make my dreams come true
Oh, I've been thinking about you lately
The thought of you makes me crazy


Something to believe
Oh, something to believe

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2012-03-22 09:40:35 by anonymous
now this is called MUSIC!