Joey & Rory - Rodeo Lyrics

You broke his arm in Houston,
His ribs in Santa Fe,
Then you drug him through the dirt in San Anton.
And last year out in Vegas,
You almost took him all the way,
Then you sent him broke and busted right back home.

No matter how hard you throw him,
He just gets back on again,
Oh I'll never understand,
This crazy hold you have on him.

Rodeo, rodeo.
Are you ever gonna let me cowboy go?
You've got a hundred other men,
You don't give a damn 'bout him.
Oh but he still loves you,
Why I don't know.
Rodeo, rodeo.

From an empty, cold hotel room,
And some state you left him in.
He'll call and tell me,
That this time he's really through.

I'll get to hold him through the winter,
But when spring rolls 'round again.
He'll jump in his truck,
And run right back to you.

You steal his love away from me,
Eight seconds at a time,
Even when I'm in his arms,
I know you're on his mind.


If you were just another woman,
Maybe I'd know what to do.
He might give his heart to me,
But he'd give his life for you.

Rodeo, rodeo.

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